Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who is there? June 30, 2010

Last night, my son woke up with a stomach bug of some sort. He was a sick little guy. As he shivered his way back onto the floor of our room where I'd made him a bed, I watched him sink into the pillow and I tucked the quilt around him and rubbed his back as he fell back to sleep. I crawled back into bed myself and then was overwhelmed with tears for the children that I met in Zambia. Who comforts them when they are sick in the night? Do they have covers when they are cold? Have they ever had their back rubbed when they are falling back to sleep after being sick? I'm so thankful for the easy life I have, even when things aren't all going well. i know that I have the ability to care for my son, food for him, a warm place for him to rest and recover, and doctors and medicine if he needs it. I can't take those things for granted anymore. I'm thankful for that. The flip side of that gratitude though is the awareness that while I have those things, many of the children and families I met, do not.

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