Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Zambia?

Hi Shelly,Praise God that you are finally coming, Sukai and I are looking forward to being with once again. All the people in Mulenga were very excited when they heard that you are coming.I will only be busy up to the 1 of August, which means that the rest of the days will be absolutely free for you to visit all the places you would want to see. About your travel from Lusaka,Sukai says she is willing to come and wait for you at the airport and then you can connect by bus to Luanshya.Everything from this side will be arranged now that we know the actual dates. You are a family Shelly, in Zambia when one is family we strive to make sure that all is well with there stay. We also now have wonderful parents in David and Bel who are amazingly unique in hosipitlity.You will like them at first sight.May the love of our Father, the grace of our Savior and the fellowship of the Holy spirit surround you and your family.Greetings to Jason,James and Sukai

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