Wednesday, February 22, 2012

At last....

Hi friends,
Sorry for the delay in updates, we're still figuring out the intricacies of internet reliability and access. Basically, everytime we've had time to update, a large storm blows through and there goes the power and internet. I am not complaining though...a good rain clears the air and brings the heat to a manageable level. We're all doing well. I've figured out that my best bet to update regularly is to type it out and then cut and paste onto the blog as access allows. We'll definitely try to keep you guys a little better informed. We've had a great week here and we're coming to terms with the plethora of living things around us. The first few nights were a little nervewracking for some in our family who shall remain nameless (ahem, Aidan) whose fear of bugs had him surveying each crack and cranny in the room before turning out the light. I don't know where he gets that from. But, the past few nights...not at all. He's doing great, as is Easton. Aidan is participating in as much of our orientation as possible and Easton, well, he's found his niche trailing David Bentley around the mechanics shed. He's "helped" change oil filters on vehicles and balanced tires and found that that rolling things that you lay on under the car are pretty cushy. So, in his words, while other "suckers" are in school learning math, he's fixing cars. Nice.
We are heading into a community called Chere (sp?) near Bushbuckridge, SA on Friday for four nights in the community. We'll see how we all do, sleeping, eating, working with an African family of 4 kids, no parents. Hopefully we don't shame Canada with our discomfort. : )
Other than that, we're heading to Oshoek on the Swaziland border in the next week or so as well to do some work with the care centres there.
Most of what we're doing is in flux and is revealed as it comes about. The needs here are overwhelming, the stories are both inspiring and frustrating...we've so much to learn and we're learning more everyday than we thought possible. Our hearts and heads are full.
Love and miss our friends and family and our Charlie but it's really just an amazing opportunity stretching out in front of us. Thanks for hanging in with us!


Kathleen said...

I'm following this blog Shelly :) I can't wait to hear everything about your journey. You're such a beautiful and inspiring person, the world needs more Shelly's if you ask me!

Randy Siever said...

Thanks for making the effort to keep us updated despite the difficulties! LOVE that you guys are doing this. Life changer for you all, for sure, and probably for a whole bunch of African kids as well. I would ask humbly, for the sake of my old eyes, if you could kindly change the color of your text font to white. The black on gray is really hard for me to see well. Love you guys.

Liz said...

Great to hear an update after all of the weary travel shenanigans. I have a new student in the English class that I volunteer teach at here in Toon Town. He comes to us from Somalia, Ethopia and Kenya. So my thoughts are often with Africa (most students are from Sudan)and with YOU! Glad to "see" that you and your family are well. I cannot wait to hear more. Missing you all the time - Liz from the Pier 1 clan