Friday, February 10, 2012

Last Minute Shinny

So, this past week, amidst the pre-trip chaos, packing, showing the house, packing, working, packing, open houses, packing, vaccination appointments and all the packing, we decided to squeeze in a family photo shoot. Why not!?
Thankfully, some lovely friends of ours have started their own photography business (see and as Adrian has travelled and worked with Hands at Work, he generously offered to take our family's photos for free. How amazing is that? So, we decided on an outdoor shoot and picked a local rink and headed out for a game of shinny. The photos are gorgeous, we loved our time with Adrian and Sarah, who, by the way, should be in front of the cameras not behind them, they're so darn cute...but I digress. Anyway, here are the results of our little game of pick up hockey...probably our last for awhile. We're all back to packing and finishing homework and packing and putting together lists of things to do and...well, you get the idea. We head to Winnipeg on Sunday, drop the dog at the cousins' and we fly out Monday morning. We arrive in South Africa on Valentine's's that for celebrating love!

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