Friday, March 23, 2012

Praying for Enough.

One afternoon this week, the boys and Jason went along with Tyler to a community in Clau Clau...just a short drive from where we stay. The care workers in this community are a well oiled machine - they are providing the three essential services that are the markers of holistic care: home visits, access to education and food security for the children. Jason and the boys helped out at the care point where the children come after school to play and get help with homework and to receive a meal cooked for them by the care workers. After a while spent there, they went and visited the home of seven girls living together with their eldest sister as the head of household. The eldest two girls had been playing at the care point with Easton and Aidan and were happy to have them come visit. Of all the girls living in the home, only one was employed. She worked for the local bus company and her wages had to support herself and the six others. It was not nearly enough. After sitting them for a while and visiting, just before they turned to leave, Jason was asked to pray for this family. He had asked the eldest girl several times what her name was but he could not make his mouth say it or his brain remember it. Finally he asked her what her name meant and she told him. It meant "Enough" - which was exactly the right thing to pray for.

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