Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dark Circles Save Lives

Last night, Easton went to bed with a mild stomach ache...around 11 pm, he woke up in pain. He was doubled over and writhing and obviously not feeling so hot. I gave him some Pepto Bismal and sat with him and talked him through some breathing so that he could focus on that rather than trying to plead with God to kill him. (He's dramatic, like his father...) He would fall back to sleep for short stints but then the pains would start and we'd go through the whole routine again. At one point, after one in the morning, we went out to the toilet building and I sat in a plastic chair, in the dark, while he was in the bathroom. Poor guy. Poor Mom. Nothing like being away from home when you're not feeling well. Thankfully, we are still here in S. Africa where he is fairly comfortable with the surroundings and it didn't phase him too badly. I, however, walked up from a morning meeting to find Joanne, Agnes and Zoewa with various bricks and brooms in hand watching Aidan and Herman looking into a pipe. Apparently, Easton had come out to use the facilities and there, where I had sat the night before, was what he thought was a large lizard. He looked closer at it and it turned its face to him and it turned out to be a small snake. A Mozambiquan spitting cobra at that. Not one you want to be leaning into for a closer look as they are attracted by the shining eyes of its victims and spit venom at them. Thankfully, it did not spit at Easton! Apparently his sleep deprivation saved him as his eyes are not so shiny nor bright this morning! The snake retreated into a water pipe under the walkway and it was there that Herman used a series of brooms and sticks to coax it out where Joanne was waiting with a brick to bash its head. We all started laughing at Joanne as she delicately "bashed" the head of this small little snake in. It seemed harmless in size but really, they can be very dangerous. Even in death, the venom can cause you to become very sick. So, of course, Aidan picked it up and I seized the opportunity for a few pics, because of course, Jason missed all of this domestic bliss as he is in Swaziland.

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