Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome Home

This about sums it up ~ when we arrived in Zambia, one of the care workers here greeted me by saying, "Welcome home!" I am so happy to be in Zambia. It's changed and grown and stretched while I've been gone but what stays the same is the warm welcome back I receive every time. We're staying at Kachele Farm until this weekend and then will be in Kitwe for the duration of our time here in Zambia. We're taking every opportunity to spend time in the communities, particularly Mulenga, where we have so many friends and loved ones. We're all well and healthy, surviving the 25 hour road trip from Zimbabwe. We miss our Zim friends very much already. There were many tears shed saying good bye. I hate good byes particularly when the return visits are so few and far between. I know though that we have a home in Zimbabwe always and that we take with us a lot of wisdom and love shared. Despite sickness and inconvenience, rough roads and homesickness, we're very grateful for every day we have here!

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