Sunday, July 1, 2012

     Sylvie and I met just over a year ago. She had just given birth to the cutest little twins, Isaac and Isaiah. We spent a few days a week together for several months and it has turned into a beautiful friendship for us. Sylvie and her husband, Bass, spent months apart while the Canadian government worked out the permanent resident status for her then 1.5 year old son, David.  Bass and David were in Rwanda while Sylvie and the twins were here. When Bass and David were finally able to join them, they ended up needing a place to stay for three weeks. Jason and the boys were in Ohio, so I moved into Aidan's room and the whole family moved in here. It was a great few weeks for me that went by far too quickly. Waking up each day with little guys in the house was a novelty and though I was at work most of the time, I came home to  play cars again with David and hold and feed babies and eat African food!

During the time that Sylvie was here on her own, a network of women went into action and supported her. Imagine grocery runs or doctor's appointments with brand new twins, in a Saskatchewan winter, no vehicle and very little idea of your new surroundings. The women around her made sure she had help with the babies, with rides and meals, and most of all...just having someone to call if she needed something. None of these women are bored or have little to do, they just exemplify the characteristics that make me proud to be Canadian. Welcoming. Open. Friendly. Helpful.  They jumped in when Sylvie arrived in Canada and made her welcome. They helped pack up her things as she moved back to Rwanda for Bass to finish out a work contract and they welcomed her back last week on their return.

Yesterday, we celebrated Canada Day with a backyard bbq at our house with Sylvie and the boys. We celebrated the fact that all of them have their permanent resident status now. We so thankful to live in a country where people from so many different countries are welcomed. As I look around our neighbourhood and our boys' school, I see so many countries represented and it's a beautiful picture of the type of country I'm so proud of.

Today, Canada Day, I'm off to work with a Timmie's double double and a maple dip in hand and a genuine happiness for the friends all over the world that just being Canadian has given me the opportunities to build.  Happy Canada Day everyone!

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