Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Fourth In Six

Yesterday, our American friends celebrated the Fourth of July. Independence Day. Over the past few years, the Fourth of July was a painful reminder of the day we finished packing up our first house into a UHaul and drove out of Nevada. The fourth of July for the past five years have been days with tears and sadness mixed with longing for our "hometown" of Sparks and all our friends and kids there.

Yesterday, marked six years since I cried all the way from Nevada to Oregon and on into Washington.  It's the first day in six years that I haven't spent the day longing and looking back tearfully. Do I still miss Sparks? Yes. I miss our friends there and distance is hard, it takes its toll on even the closest of friendships. The difference this year is that I am nothing but appreciative of my friends south of the border. The friendships that have spanned the roughest few years of my life, despite the distance, those are the kinds of friendships you just don't come across everyday.  The fact that more than a few of those types of friendships came out of our time in Nevada is amazing. I don't take it for granted.

Happy Independence Day, my friends. For me, it's a different kind of freedom I'm celebrating today.

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