Friday, July 13, 2012

Toy Story

Obviously in communities where there is little food, scarce water and even scarcer families intact, not a lot of children have even seen toys, never mind owned one of their own. So, creativity abounds even in desolate places and we are constantly amazed at the beautiful toys that the kids create from the very dirt and litter around them.

This little guy has a truck fashioned out of a discarded "Shake Shake" carton. When I first came to Zambia, I was amazed at the amount of milk that Zambians drank. They hung empty cartons on trees and near bars and in small roadside stands to advertise milk. Finally, after a few weeks, I figured out that these blue, red and white cartons don't contain milk but a yeasty brewed alcohol! So much for calcium! The brew has earned the nickname "Shake Shake" for the colourful instructions across the top of the carton. With flower buds and sticks for wheels and a piece of unwound mesh from a maize sack, the "Shake Shake" truck becomes a source of hours of entertainment for this shy little friend.

In Zambia Compound, Zambia, Esnaut's grandsons play outside the home/school that their grandmother houses and teaches at. Here they have fashioned couches and beds and even a television (with a colour picture in it) out of the clay that covers their yard.  The television below shows a picture of Obama in it and also a little bed fashioned out of clay. The pictures in the tv's are small scraps of paper moulded into the clay. So cute!

 And while many photos show young African children rolling bicycle wheels down the road with sticks, our friend, Luckson, was more a big rig kind of guy. He had a full sized tire and took it everywhere with him! He could really get that thing going and everywhere we went that down, throughout the village, we were accompanied by Luckson and his tire, jogging out in front.

It's quite unusual in most of these villages to find store bought toys. Imagine my surprise when we saw a small boy carrying around a muzungu baby! He shared it with me and we were all surprised by the eery resemblance! Cathy couldn't resist this shot! 

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Kimma said...

Thank you for these stories... you are going to make me cry!

Love your face in the last picture... reminds me of the face I made when I tried your soap candies, it's just missing a pinch of disgust! Haha.

Love Kimma