Thursday, August 9, 2012

All Over the Map

This morning, I was simply making coffee, like I do each day. I'm lucky in that each morning, I enjoy it out on our patio in the sun.  Summer is beautiful in Saskatchewan and it's nice to be home. Honestly though, once the travel bug hits, it hits hard. I think there's something about seeing and experiencing other cultures that makes you feel alive. I know that our time in Africa felt like living. Minute by
Of all the places we talk about visiting "one day"...I know that they all pale in comparison to my desire to be back in Zambia and Zimbabwe with our friends there. This morning though? I was all over the map...and hadn't even finished my coffee yet.

Coffee from my friend, Sylvie, in Rwanda

A favorite mug reminds me of one of my favourite countries

One of Jason's ambitions...Harley Davidson mechanic school in Phoenix

Amazing beauty all over the world that beckons.


Anonymous said...

Editor's note - a correction is needed on some misinformation in the very first sentence. Shelly does not make her coffee every day, in fact rarely does she have to make coffee since her loving husband makes it for her almost every morning.

Jason, Shelly, Aidan and Easton said...

Dear "Anonymous",
Yes, it's loving husband does make me coffee in the morning, when I get up after 10 am. Thank you for your insight...I love that even "anonymous" readers can see what a loving husband I have and how he makes me coffee. Maybe I should close our kitchen curtains in the mornings...or maybe this is insider information? Hmmm....
Love you J.