Thursday, September 6, 2012

Africa Reunion

A couple of weekends ago, we packed our little Escape up and headed east to Manitoba. Jason's parents have a beautiful place on a little lake there so we invaded for a weekend and invited the girls from our time in Africa to meet us there. Now, unusual as it was, our intake of volunteers in Africa was completely Canadian! One of the girls, Mel, is even from our city, though we'd never met! The other two, both named Carly, are from Winnipeg.  We had them over for the night at Jason's parents place, made some African food and just generally caught up with each other now that we're all back in Canada. It's interesting how everyone's reactions to being home are so different yet still alike. 
Rock Lake is a beautiful place, made even more beautiful when you're surrounded by family and friends. It was a great weekend and an amazing way to wind down summer.

Sunset as we pulled into Rock Lake, MB

Morning Mist and Pelicans on the lake

Charlie catching rocks

Mist and morning sun...worth waking up for

Our entire intake...together again.

Everywhere...reminders of Africa.

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