Monday, September 17, 2012

Falling Off the Wagon

It's fall and certainly my favourite time of year ...this year, it's exceptional. The days are still warm and sunny and the nights are crisp and clear. It's my only excuse for the lack of updates on the blog, although I have been writing...just more the pen and paper type that can be scratched out on the beach, in the park and in between bites of sandwich in the backroom at work.

The boys are back in school after a nearly 7 month hiatus, the only exception being a brief appearance during the last few weeks of the end of the school year, back in June. I don't count that as school because a) it was obviously still a jet lagged blur and the boys were clearly just figuring out what continent they were on and b) last weeks of school in our school anyway are a long stretch of field trips, sports events, outings and movie watching...not a lot in the way of studying.

So, with the boys back in school, summer coming to a close and yes, even hockey on the horizon...I'll hopefully get back into the groove of blogging regularly. Until then, imagine me as I am...taking every available moment to lie out in the hammock and watch the clouds roll by...peeling apples and making apple crisp and groaning at the first signs of frost as the mornings get darker.

It's fall. It's fleeting. I'll be back indoors soon enough.

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