Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good News

Just heard from our sweet Oumie:

Greetings to all,

Praise the Lord, O my soul.
I will praise the Lord all my life.
I will sing praises to my God
As long as I live.
                                Psalm 140:1

Thank you for all your prayers for Luhongo village in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.
We've received good news this week, all the children are back and safe and the feeding scheme is continuing.

We thank God for his faithfulness,
Blessings, Oumie.

Oumie is George Snyman's mother but more than if that weren't enough! She is the resident grandmother at the Hub where many volunteers and teams stay while doing orientation or making their way out into communities in South Africa. She charmed our family entirely while we were there and we all loved having a grandma on the property. Oumie is one of those people, much like my own Grandma B., that you somehow feel has the red phone kind of connection to God. As if their prayers, because of their faith, hold more when someone like Oumie says she's praying for you, you sleep better at night or walk with a little more confidence into a scary situation.

She is absolutely lovely and has such a gift making people feel at home. She lives at the top of a very steep hill on the grounds and I know that while we were in S. Africa,  Easton made his way up the hill more than once to sit on Oumie's porch and just have a chat or met up with her in the village and sat and talked with her.  They struck up a friendship that was very sweet and helped Easton feel very much at home at the Hub. I loved that for him. I watched Aidan get up and give her a chair and it brought tears to my eyes with love for both of them. Jason would engage her with his little bit of Dutch and she would respond in Afrikaans and they would share little moments of communicating in their own combination of language.

For me, it was just amazing to be around a grandma again. I miss my Grandma B. and my time with Oumie felt much the same. I was thankful to be involved with her in different circles, such as seeing her on Tuesday mornings at the village when all the ladies would gather together to just talk and pray through their week together. Most of all, I love, love, LOVED watching Oumie and Carolyn, her daughter in law, interact. For me, it was a reminder of the kind of relationship that my Grandma and I and mutual admiration of course, but humour and sarcasm and feistiness too. Watching Carolyn and Oumie together made me feel like I was completely at home. Sometimes the greatest gifts we give each other, are the ones we are least aware of. Oumie and Carolyn teasing each other, working alongside one another and just walking, talking, eating together...those are some of the moments that healed things in me that have been hurt and taught me things that I have forgotten to look for in my own life.  It's also reminded me to love deeply in my own relationships, for that in itself is its own reward, but you never know, it may also challenge someone else to do the same.


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