Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Take This Moment

Please join in today...wherever you are....and pray for those caught in the midst of a terrifying rebel takeover in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Not much news is making it out of the Congo, less is being reported, almost nothing here in Canada. I feel so ashamed and torn.

As it's getting dark again now in the Congo, the thought of our kids and care workers is right at the forefront of all I do today. I pray that children and their caregivers are not separated. I pray that there is food to be found and water as well, in a land that has already been ravaged and raped.

I pray for safety for grandmothers, mothers, and children alike. Safety from the brutality of rape that is used as a weapon to subdue them. I pray for the safety of our children as they hide and run on empty stomachs. I pray that there would be those that would look out for them and care for them while they are hiding.

I pray that the UN Peacekeepers would intervene.
I pray that the rebels would recede and begin talks to end this terror.
I pray that somehow, in all of this, that the children that Hands works with will find their way back to us in the coming days so that there can be efforts made to care for them and feed them and keep them safe.
I pray that the world will wake up and learn the lesson that we seemed to have missed in Rwanda, Bosnia, Burma and so many other conflicts. 5 million people killed in the Congo in these conflicts since 1997.
I pray this would end.
I pray that prayer combined with a call to action on the part of our media to cover this injustice, our governments to pressure the UN to act on behalf of the innocent, and donations to reputable agencies would ease the immensity of suffering that is only intensifying now as the sun goes down on yet another day of violence and terror.
May God be with us. All of us.

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