Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year's Traditions

Each year we spend our New Year's with Jason's family out at Rock Lake. It's a beautiful little lake tucked into the valley between two hills that provides a lovely, sheltered place to play in even the coldest weather. This year, we had no such issues. The weather was perfect - cold enough to keep everything frozen and stable but warm enough that for the first year in our five year history, we were able to play our shinny games in just fleeces and shells. It was amazing. 
Kim and I pulled out the cross country skis and took out on the lake. My second attempt at cross country skiing only mildly more successful than my first. Interestingly, well, maybe only to first attempt was also with Kim. We attempted a lesson from Uncle Oscar out on his Orangeville, ON property and he promptly left us in his wake, giggling and falling with no measurable distance being covered. This attempt at least, I was able to figure out a little more gliding though there was just as much giggling on my part. It's not that cross country skiing is actually fun...I was just giggling at the fact that I was so incompetent and rhythmically challenged on skis. Kim was gracious enough to stay far enough ahead of me to be just out of earshot of my gasps and whoops as I fell over again and again. I may be the only person who has ever incurred an injury on flat surface skiing. I impaled my collarbone with my ski pole. Seriously, who does that? But, all in was a great way to spend time out on the lake. I'm always amazed that in winter, there really are so many options to spend time outside, enjoying the weather and the beauty around us. One of my favorite pastimes at the cottage is just to head out walking with Charlie and my camera. I've started just taking it with me because the few times I haven't, have been the times that deer or raccoons cavort in front of me singing show tunes ala Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Of course, you don't believe me and I have no photographic evidence. So, Charlie and I believe and one day will capture it with the camera. Until then, I leave you with just a few photos proving that while the Canadian prairies in mid winter are not always the most hospitable places to spend time in the outdoors, the rare moments and glimpses of beauty make it worth your while and keep you hopeful.

Husband and son...same does this happen?

A little tradition of shinny on the lake with the cousins.

A pair of Sorel's provide the second "net"

Winter sun

Puck hog

Winter nest

Literal Rabbit Trail

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