Friday, June 14, 2013

...and this....

So, one of the beautiful things about technology is waking up to a message from across the globe. While I was sleeping, Jason was working the night shift, and the rain poured down across the prairies, our dear Kristal was in the home of my friends, Dorothea and her children in Mulenga. I had told her to ask one of the care workers, Reuben, how Dorothea and her kids were getting along. I also wanted to know about the baby that Dorothea had been pregnant with when I last visited her in March.  Reuben told Kristal his heart couldn't rest until she met this family. So, Reuben took Kristal and they visited Dorothea and her little ones on my behalf. Kristal said she was all smiles, I can just see her. She's the most beautiful woman who should be on the pages of a magazine, not in a shanty town scraping for an existence. But that's my idea of fair...skewed as it is.

I woke up to this. This is Jesse. He's the newest member of a family that literally fills my thoughts daily. He's Eva's newest little brother and joins Natasha, Joshua and Calibo. He's gorgeous and overdressed (as all little African babies tend to be) and sweaty and here. I can't wait for my next visit to this little home. I miss them every single day.

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