Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zimbabwe Election Day 2013

The past few weeks, leading up to today, I can't get Zimbabwe off my mind. This beautiful country, once the bread basket of Africa, is headed to the polls today and it's an incredibly complex time for the country. President Mugabe has been in power for 33 years. Today, he faces (for the third time) his rival, Tsvangirai.

To me, the most incredible images coming out of Zimbabwe right now are the long queues of voters, waiting for their turn to vote. In a country where we would line up overnight for concert tickets or the latest version of the iPhone, but sit apathetically and bemoan how we are "too busy" to vote or that "it won't make a difference anyway"... I am so humbled.

There are many different sides to the story of Zimbabwe and its history as a country. I'm not here to lay that all out. What I am saying, is that if you're watching this unfold...look past the politics and the rhetoric to the absolute beauty that is the hope of the woman with a baby on her back, waiting in the pre-dawn cold for her right to vote.

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