Thursday, September 12, 2013

Praying for the Hope

This morning, my friend, George, tweeted out a photo that will change the way I pray for the Democratic Republic of Congo. He sent a photo of himself with those that are caring for the most vulnerable in communities around the DRC. I recognize my friend, Eric, whom I have worked alongside a few years ago when in northern Zambia.  Eric has always been very easy to pray for because I consider him a friend, I admire him greatly, and I know the struggles he faces and the things he has sacrificed to do the work that he does.

It's easier to pray for someone when you can picture his or her face, and know their stories. So, I'm sharing this photo with you. Even if you're not the praying sort, please just take a few minutes. Look at the faces of these care workers. These are the women and men that are living with very little themselves, but sacrificing much and giving more than imaginable to those that have less. The DRC continues in a war that finds orphans and grandmothers running from rebels and violence, often daily for stretches of time that we can hardly imagine. The country continues to be unable, or even willing,  to tend to the basic needs of its most vulnerable. Old and young alike struggle, even in times of relative stability, to feed themselves, find shelter, achieve safety...never mind dealing with the appalling traumas that they have experienced and witnessed.

So, here are the faces of those who care. Those who stand in the midst of the hurting and say, "We are together". Those who mother the motherless and advocate for the fatherless. Those who feed children and grandmothers who can't sustain themselves when they have no land, no currency, no stability. They do more than what any human could expect and they do it because they are filled with love.

These are the faces of the hope of the Democratic Republic of Congo. To me, they are beautiful and look like what I believe Jesus looks like, love in human form, in the darkest and most desperate of places.
My friend, Eric, is second from the left at the top of the photo, with his hand on the shoulder of the man in front of him. <3

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