Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Best Prayers

"Go Where Your Best Prayers Take You" ~Frederick Buechner

I read this quote a few days before the end of 2013 and it has really stuck in my head and my heart. "Go where your best prayers take you." My best prayers? What are my best prayers? Those that flow easily in moments of gratitude and happiness? Those that come mixed with tears and heartaches? Sometimes they are one and the same but other times, they are so opposite, I wouldn't know which direction to follow. 

And then I think, I do know. The ones that flow from gratitude and joy are the ones that revolve around my family, love, peace, relief, resolution and forgiveness. The ones that come mixed with tears come from my own selfishness, the need I have to feel like I'm in control, the ones that are provoked by a feeling of utter helplessness in the face of war, poverty, hunger and injustice. 

I'm not sure where this year will lead me but I do know, that if I follow my best prayers, it's going to be an interesting year altogether and one I wouldn't dare try to predict.  I know that the things that we are consumed with are often the things that direct our actions and intentions, whether for better or for worse, so the idea of being mindful of my best prayers, seems to indicate intention and hopefully will direct a little more positively than just going through the motions and allowing emotions or inertia to dictate.

Of course, to follow my best prayers, I have to continue to pray. And that, in itself, may be where resolution comes in. 

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