Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Season of Beauty

I know I often make statements on how much I love the work that I am doing right was one of those days where enthusiasm and work ethic didn't really motivate me. I woke feeling a little "under the weather" - literally.  Today was one of those days where the sudden plunge to minus temperatures threatens the mental wellness of even the most stalwart Saskatchewanite. I woke to sunshine and blue sky and while lovely, I knew the moment I stepped outside and sat on the rock hard seat of my frozen vehicle, that that false sense of spring that we'd been issued over the past week was again gone.

Seasons don't change quickly here in Saskatchewan unless you count summer, which I don't, because it never feels quite long enough for you to tire of it. So today, I wrote out my list of things to get done at work, knocked them off one by one and then retired to my bedroom for a day of reading and rest. I needed it. If winter must linger, then I have to be diligent in reminding myself that there is beauty in every season. Don't we all?

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