Thursday, March 6, 2014

Until the Words Come...

I have just woken up in my very own bed. What a luxury. Dog on my feet. Quilts to burrow under. Husband beside me. Kids in their own rooms. 

On Monday, I was sitting in a 4x6 shanty on a wooden bed with a blind man who had been bedridden for over a year. We held hands as he told me how he suffered from some form of fistula that caused him to lose control of his bowels and bladder. This little shanty was home to 5 adults and an 11 year old boy, who while part of the after school program, still worked an hour or two a day making change for taxi drivers in the city to bring home money to help the family survive. 

What a difference a few days makes.  52 hours in transit, 6 hours of negotiating new flights with the sole Ethiopian Airlines agent in Toronto. Arriving back to minus temperatures in Saskatoon. It's good to be home. It is better for having been in Ethiopia and seeing what I've seen, learning what I've learned.

The words are there, they're just not coming out in any semblance of order right now. So, until they do start to fall into place, here is just a sample of what Ethiopia brought us. Enjoy.

Mother in Turge, Ethiopia

A small boy in Turge plays with a handmade toy.
Injeera, the bread of Ethiopia, served with many different dips.

Children in rural Kersa.

Sunset en route to Sheshemane, in the Great Rift Valley.

Small boy in Kersa region


Shy but so beautiful

A grandmother we spent time with  in rural Kersa

A small girl on the roadside in Sheshemane.

Market trinkets

The "meeting tree" in Turge, where all formal agreements are made. 

Mosque in Turge

Doorway to the Orthodox Church in the mountains above Addis Ababa

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