Thursday, May 15, 2014

One Boy's Life

This is Meng. He's 11 and he lives at Place of Rescue in Cambodia with his house mother and siblings. A couple of days ago, he was climbing a tree and fell. The doctors said that he had suffered brain damage and that he was in a coma. Yesterday, he began to breathe on his own and though he's still in a coma, he is moving his hands and feet. Please join me in praying for his full recovery. He's just one boy but a boy that is loved and has a future.  

Update: May 15th ~ Meng is still unconscious and has had several seizures. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. <3

Update: May 29th ~ From Channak at Place of Rescue:  "Lastest update about Meng. He is awake now and he can talk normally. Today the mother said when he awaked he was asking for food as he was hungry. Thank you Jesus at first everybody thought that he might not live but right now he is doing way better. "
 Such great news!

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Bill Koop said...

Thanks Shelly for the report. I got part of the story from facebook but didn't know how things progressed.