Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our Aidan.

In just about a month, Aidan (my eldest) and I are going back to Zambia with Hands at Work. Since returning from Zambia as a family, I had often wondered if my kids would want to go back. I knew that they loved people there and made friends but I wasn't sure in the end, if it was really their passion or if they just loved it because they are boys and always up for adventure. So, I was really happy (and not so secretly proud) that Aidan passed up a couple of opportunities that came his way in order to be part of the team that I'm taking to Zambia in July. At first, I wasn't sure if he understood the commitment but I am happy to say that over the past few months, this kid has seriously amazed me. 

I've said it before, that if our kids were just regular guys in our youth groups in the past, we would adore them and brag about them and just be their biggest fans. So, bear with me, because I'm going to do just that. Setting aside the fact that he is my child, and remarkably loved by me, he really is a very interesting and cool kid. On hearing that he needed to come up with about $4000 to take part in the trip, he took it upon himself to go and get a job refereeing at our local ball hockey league. It took a Saturday and an evening class to get certified and a small output for a helmet and cage (cause he apparently didn't feel that his goalie mask was appropriate...), and he did it. So, he's been refereeing games and being super responsible about scheduling and all those adult things he probably didn't inherit from us. Then he signed up for a paper route which he's been doing three times a week. Today, and on other Saturdays, he finds people that have bottles to return and takes them to Sarcan for recycling and gets the deposits. He's hustling. I love that he knows what the payoff is. 

It's never easy to raise a large amount of money when life has so many other ideas of how you should be spending it. Today, as I watched him come home in the pouring rain after doing all three of these jobs...I am so thankful again that we took the time to take our kids to South Africa and Zimbabwe and Zambia. I am grateful that they want to go back. And I'm more than happy to take them. I can't wait. 

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