Friday, June 6, 2014

That Kind of Week

It's been one of "those" weeks. You know the kind - where the little things pile up and make you want to pack up an old bus and drive off into oblivion with your loved ones in tow? Or maybe that's just me. I hate the term "first world problems" but these definitely aren't in the realm of real issues. They are just those trivial things that pile up and make you want to punch yourself in the face as an alternative to actually taking on the day.

It started with a washing machine leaking on the floor, a dog with ticks, a broken curling iron and a tax audit that has the government asking us for proof of guardianship of our two boys dating back three years. I don't hate government but I do genuinely despise government wastefulness and inefficiency. Somehow, when you leave the country with your children for four months, it entitles you to no child tax benefit, an audit and basically a demand for three years worth of your life in writing, notarized, and signed in blood to say that during that time you didn't give up guardianship of your said kids to someone so you could travel the world without a care, regardless of the fact that you continued to pay a mortgage on the same house, enrolled said kids in the same school and filed your income tax as usual.

Like I said, it's just been that week.

But, on the flip side, I'm trying to remind myself that there were little "good" things that were trying to outweigh the bad. I received a free book in the mail. A FREE BOOK. Seriously, how can that not be one of those great things in life. It's an advance copy of a book and so, it's kind of just like a small gift from God saying, "Yea, I know what you like."  We went to an art show put on by some of our favourite friends yesterday and that was really nice. And then this morning, well, it's 80's day at school so it was fun watching E. get all punked up. Then, the  parking lot I park in everyday for work gave me free parking this morning - just printed off a free receipt as if to say, "Hey, you're a regular...this one's on us." in some sort of encouraging twist of fate. And I come up to the office and someone has slid $30 USD under my office door with a sticky note "For your Africa trip"....and there it is. 

This punk. 
Thank you to whoever slid this under my door for our trip in July. <3
That kind of week. The frustrations mount. Finances are stretched. The tasks I hate become mountains in front of me. And yet...while others in the world are facing real difficulties and hardships, the news of the morning here in Saskatoon is that there is a moose on the loose in one of our neighbourhoods. How can we take ourselves so seriously? So, while yes, this may be an attempt to procrastinate my date with the tax department, there are far, far better things to rest my brain on than these petty annoyances. So, note to self: it's all just about perspective. And not getting bent out of shape. Which is more than I can say for my curling iron.


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