Monday, October 6, 2014

...and This Boy's Too.

"Ah Easton". Usually said with a sigh or a shake of the head or most often with shock and laughter. Such is life with this boy. He's so unbelievably weird and wonderful and unexpected that I often can't believe he's mine. And yet, he is. Thankfully so. From the time he was small, wearing only a cape and a pull-up, this kid has embraced his own individuality with such tenacity. He's not content to blend in and his humour and his honesty and dare I say, his gorgeous little face...would never allow him to anyway! He lives to quote music and movie dialogue and has something for every situation. He can remember the minutest details from movies he's seen years before, but can't remember to brush his teeth on a regular basis. He is filled with compassion and has an insight into social justice issues that teaches me something new nearly every day. He pushes me to be better and more engaged in our world because his expectations for the world he's going to inherit are high. He isn't afraid to play and dream and wander, nor is he afraid to stand up for what's right or someone who needs a hand. I love this about him. It's challenging and entertaining to have such a human under your roof, one who hears your ideals and then holds you to them. One who dreams huge dreams and then wants company in chasing them. One who asks for the seemingly impossible and won't take no for an answer. I like this kid...even if he drags me places and teaches me things I've never wanted to know. Like how to construct a Starlord costume from out of meagre scraps for his FanExpo adventures. Or the kind of things you are not allowed to tamper with when time travelling.

These days, there's still costumes and capes, weapons and masks whenever possible, but there's also an abundance of art and humour coming out of this boy's life. Drawing, acting, writing...he's often only constrained by time and the need to eat and sleep and sadly, go to school. His biggest complaint in life is that there's not enough time to just "be" and I hear him on that. If I had my way, I'd let him "be" all he wants and watch where it takes him. It's been an incredible 13 years with this boy in our life. He brought his own energy and creativity and enthusiasm into our home and we've never been the same.

Happy Birthday Easton. I am praying that the three things you've set out to be in life come to be, but wherever life takes you, I'm excited to be part of it because our world will be all the better for having you. It already is. So glad you're ours.

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