Sunday, November 16, 2014

Not Quite Home

I know that many of you have been checking the blog for news from India. I can see that there are those who check thank you for that. I'm sorry I haven't updated yet. It's not that there wasn't WiFi in Kolkata, because there was. It was just that I wanted to stay in the moment and try and process all I was seeing and experiencing without having to make sense of it in writing.

I'm just sitting in snowy Toronto, about to board my last flight and I am looking forward to seeing the boys and Jason and of course,Charlie. I hope over the next few days to put down some more coherent thoughts. Until then, thanks again for being so diligent in keeping up with me as I travel. You're never far from my thoughts, friends. So many of you are so invested in my life, it's as if you travel with me.

Until my brain catches up with my heart....Check out the organization I travelled with.

We'll catch up soon, I promise!

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