Monday, March 16, 2015

A Taste of Ethiopia - Until the Words Come

A construction worker and his work horse bring tiles to a home under construction
The sunlight capturing the dust in the home where we replaced a roof. Imagine this boy and his mother trying to sleep during the rainy season where daily deluges filled their home. 
A new friend, Renando, centre, I met while sitting in an alley in the slum.
Everywhere there is beauty if you just look for it. 
A woman carried injeera, the local staple bread, to market to sell.
The street light.
Container garden in the alley leading to Solomon's house
Large Ethiopian Orthodox and Muslim churches dot the landscape and call to prayer rings out several times daily.
The components of a traditional coffee ceremony. If you're invited for coffee, be sure you have about 40 mins to spare, it's not a quick process but worth the wait. 
I met Stephanos and his father in this bakery in the slum. His father has been out of work for months. His mother works daily to feed the family. Stephanos is beautiful, happy and well loved.
Even in the dry season, beauty blooms.
Beautiful water bearer.
Ethiopia is a land of texture and colour and vibrancy.
A rural scene played out over and over.
This comical monkey seemed to pose for me when I approached. 
The beauty of Ethiopia
Colour and crossed wires.

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