Thursday, May 21, 2015


I just wanted to share a few of my favourite photos of Nkosi...
if you'd like one for your own collection, feel free to copy them.
With love, Shelly

When I think of Nkosi, this is one of my favourite pics. We held a camp at Kachele for the kids
and the care workers from Mulenga. Nkosi came out and sat and "watched" the children play games in the
field, and was just so present and available. I didn't know then how indicative this was of who he was. 

Nkosi in 2009, proudly wearing his Breakthrough Home Based Care shirt

Nkosi listening to the children at the camp around his table. 2009

Nkosi with fellow care workers, Reuben and Evalyn in the streets of Mulenga. 2009.

Nkosi and Mildred 2009 at Kachele Farm

Nkosi in 2012, always smiling his gentle smile, even when his eyes couldn't see you,
they smiled too.

Those same boys from our first camp, years later, in 2012 still flanking Nkosi. Redson (Junior),
 Hackim and Emmanuel have all grown up with Nkosi in their lives. They'll miss him dearly, pray for these boys. 

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