Monday, July 6, 2015

Start Here

I know it can be overwhelming to figure out how to engage in alleviating suffering and poverty in a world where there is so much going on, so many hardships and so much suffering. Again, I just ask that you pick a country, even our own, and read and learn and take notice of what is happening in front of us. It may be that children in core neighbourhoods are not getting proper nutritional support right down the road from our own homes, or it may be that grandmothers are forced to flee on foot from rebel forces threatening rape, destruction and death. Whatever it is that doesn't sit well with your soul, listen to that.

If you are just beginning to take notice and aren't sure where to's a list of the top ten countries who are facing undernourishment of their people and hunger on a consistent basis. Choose one and learn about it. Keep an ear out for the name of that country in the news and recognize the stories surrounding it. Take notice of the absence of news and advocate for that as well. If we can learn more as a first step towards action, we can make better informed and appropriate responses based on the knowledge.

Start here. Start now. Start with what you have.

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