Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Righting the Inbalance

It's that time again, where I need to shut off the news and just concentrate on some of the beautiful things in this world. This morning, the news began with refugees being water cannoned along the Hungarian border, the body of a toddler being discovered after her father's body was found in their shared home, and a barrage of stories that led Aidan to comment that it is no wonder that old people live in fear  watching the news can make you think the worst of the world.

It's true. So, the news is off. There's nothing that will come out of these stories that will assuage the despair and grief for now. I'm okay to feel the grief, I just don't need to pile more information on top of it all that doesn't do anything but compound it.

So, I watch my boys drive off together to school and I'm smiling that there's an '84 Firebird reverberating across the neighbourhood that they think is so cool. And, in case you've been in the neighbourhood lately, it's only coincidence that the two houses across the street are up for sale  in close proximity to the timing of bringing that car home.

There's a dog on her bed, happily snoring because there's nothing threatening her happiness today other than the fact that no one leaves the pantry door open for her to rummage through while we're gone.

There's rain showers sweeping through the province today and though it may delay the harvest, there's a freshness in the air that compels you to breathe a little more deeply.

And there's corn pops. A big bowl of my favourite cereal from when I was a kid, reminding me of waking up on cool mornings while camping and being treated to sugary cereal and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Some days, you have to let go of the flags you're carrying in the fight against injustice, just long enough to recover your grip on your own well being. The news will be there tomorrow. The fight will go on for much longer than that. There needs to be some balance between all that is wrong and depraved and unjust in this world and the good you're going to bring into it. You can only do that if you're able to fight despair with hope. And sometimes, you need to nurture that in yourself, even at the cost of a few calories and a mid morning sugar crash.

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