Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On Losing a Friend

Cynthia, just as I remember her...smiling and full of mischief. <3

What a loss. Our dear friend, Cynthia, passed away. She lived amazingly well, which is not easy to say of someone who lived in an urban slum, had been abandoned by her husband, had her best friend murdered and many other very difficult situations that would have broken many. It made her strong and compassionate and selfless. She served the kids in her community with such love and affection. 
I've slept in her home, shared meals, laughed and cried, sang and danced and walked miles with this woman....and I am so proud to have been called her friend. It's been an incredible privilege to share our lives over the past 6 years. Heaven just received a very feisty saint. And we just lost one. 
Our love goes out to Olantah Mwape, Benedette, and our Little Cynthia. We love you girls.

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