Tuesday, December 8, 2015

These Days

There's just a lot of heavy sighing going on over here. Not a lot of words right now. It's just a season of heaviness right now, I guess. There's grief and friends who are grieving. There's worry and friends who are worrying. There's racial division and opposing views. There's fear.  There's sadness and resignation and frustration and stagnancy.

There is also an incredible warmth in these December days that bring some energy. There's good things happening in our city like a surprise wedding celebration for newly immigrated Syrians in our city. A church who served over 700 people for Christmas dinner the other night in one of our core neighbourhoods.  There are books to be read. There is a dog on my bed and there are meals on the table. There are boys running in and out on their way to their basketball games and theatre rehearsals. There's noise. There's mess. There's life.

Some days, I'm under it all. Some days, I can tread water at the surface. Some day, I hope I can rise above it again.

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