Saturday, September 17, 2016

That's My Boy. Fall 2016 version.

So, aside from having a high school senior this year in the house, I have had to contend with the fact that this man child has a whole side to him I don't even know about. I can hear your eyes rolling in your heads, friends, but it's been a reality check to this Mom this week.  He's towering over me and he's eating like a man. He's been training hard for football and making sure his work schedule doesn't conflict with his games and practices. I thought until this week that all his practices were actual football practices but I found out that at the pep rally on Thursday, Aidan had to dance in front of the school to Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies." (Apparently there had been some dance practices thrown in the schedule.) Had to? Chose to? Either way, he did it and I can't even imagine.

Aidan is a captain on his football team this year (yes, I'm just throwing that casually in to enhance the story) and he's really stepped into the role of motivating and leading his team. One of the responsibilities of each of the players on the team is to sell some discount cards in the community to fundraise for the program. It's never too hard, there are always football fans willing to pour back into their schools, coworkers and neighbours who will fork out a $20 bill in return for a $20 bill when their kid comes around selling chocolates.  This year, the captains on the football team are a lively bunch of guys, pretty goofy and more than a little mischievous. They banded together on the first afternoon and knowing that rookies and second years will always leave the guaranteed sales to the last, (ahem...moms and grandmas....), these four decided to hit up the homes of their fellow players first. So, yes, while the young guns were out cold calling the neighbourhood selling their share of the cards, the captains were spinning tales of "Oh no, m'am...only the captains have to sell them for the team this year" to their mothers. They spent a good hour and a half hitting up the homes of their fellow players and sold cards to all of them, often pulling out of the driveway just in time to see their teammate come home after hitting the pavement themselves.

I'm not sure about the other captains but Aidan and his buddy, Adam, came home to our house pretty smug and senselessly giggling about their escapades while scarfing down some pulled pork sandwiches and heading back out. I decided to take a walk with Charlie and was still sort of shaking my head at the whole thing when I hear our neighbour's door close. Around the corner of the house comes one of the guys on the football team who is dating their beautiful daughter, Gabby.  I keep walking with Charlie, thinking he doesn't know me...when I hear him ask, "Are you Aidan's mom?" I stop in the middle of the street and just apologize. "Yes, yes I am. And I'm so sorry. I heard he sold your parents cards before you could get home." Then this kid, who I only know as "Butters" laughs and says, "Yea, he even sold one to Tim (Gaby's dad) before I got here!"

It's a new low people. I'm going to blame genetics. And make it clear that that did not come from my side of the family.

Tim, I'm sorry that you had to buy TWO from my kid and one from the kid you SHOULD have only had to buy from.

Wendy, I'm sorry that Aidan snowed you with the line that only the captains were selling tickets this year. I raised him better than that.

To all the other victims out have my deepest apology. And the shared hope that your kid will get his turn to be a senior on the team and take down his teammates in the similar fashion next year. And if any of you have a video of Aidan dancing to Beyonce, I will happily post it here as retribution for your loss.

Update: September 27th....really guys, this is out on the football site and NO ONE is coming forward with a video of the Beyonce spectacle? C'mon.

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