Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Longer Distance

I really have no real understanding of how someone who has struggled as long and as hard as our sweet friend remains faithful until the end. She did. What I do know is that I feel incredibly honoured to have been called her friend. To have been on the receiving end of her messages and texts over the past 10 years. To have had her in our home and our lives for the years before that.

Rachael, we've missed you and kept you part of our lives over long distances for years. The distance just became greater. The missing will increase. And yet the anticipated reunion will be all the sweeter knowing you are going to be healthy and whole when we next hug your neck.

Rest in absolute peace. You've earned it.

Please keep her daughter, Nevaeh, and her dad Doug, her mom Lori, and her sister Megan in your thoughts and prayers.