Saturday, May 6, 2017


We're still here. Still four. Still just moving through life together.
We're figuring out what having teenaged boys growing into men looks like.
We're working a couple jobs each to keep them fed.
We're putting one foot in front of the other and trying to keep moving forward.
When we can't and we're stuck then we stick together.
We're family. We're us.

We have watched these boys from the time they would make us marvel with their heads or butts or feet pushing against my belly. And we continue to marvel. As they grew into tiny talking humans with the funniest and most incredible insights into life. As they moved into a world that grew bigger and more expansive than our household could contain. As they made friends with young and old alike. As they embraced the challenges life has thrown at them, moving across borders and oceans. Into communities that felt foreign and those that were familiar.

They have broadened our world in ways I never imagined. Before I had children, I naively believed I would be introducing them to the world. It's been quite the opposite. They've shown us the world and increased our awareness of issues and ideas we never could have come up against on our own.
They've made us laugh. Cry. Despair. Worry. Sing. Shout. Dance. Swear. Lose sleep.  Lose our breath. Lose our minds. Gain perspective.  Increased our circle of friends. Directed our path with their interests. Followed us as we've chased our dreams. Dragged their feet kicking and screaming. Pushed us forward with no respect for our fears or our worries.

I'm so incredibly grateful. I've had 18 years of being someone's mother. Nearly 25 of being someone's wife. And I'm only just beginning to appreciate the things they've taught me and the ways they've grown me.

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