Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Keeping Each Other in Balance

I haven't been writing much...publicly anyway. I have lots of notes and lines and thoughts jotted down on napkins and on the back of business cards and on receipts in my wallet but there's nothing really coming together that is shareable at this point in time.

In the meantime, I have been busy. I've been enjoying being able to work where I do and if you wonder what kind of job has me looking forward to going to work, then this is a little peek of what the team of amazing people I work with can put together in about 10 long days of unloading sea cans and organizing boxes and building displays... we went from patio season to full on Christmas in a matter of days and it was a lot of work and a lot of creative fun!

December finds us looking forward to a different kind of Christmas this year. We have a young lady from Switzerland coming to stay for two weeks over the holidays and we're excited to have the opportunity to host and show her our beautiful city. We're hoping it'll snow just a little more in the coming days so we can get out and take advantage of some of the beauty and activities that come with winter in the prairies.

Easton just recovered from a flu that had him out of commission for a week, even to the point that he missed a couple performances of his school musical. I felt sad for him that he wasn't able to perform all his shows but he did an incredible job of the two performances that I was able to see. He completely lost his voice and was laid up in bed for a week. Thankfully he's feeling much better but boy, he's such a skinny kid to begin with that a week of being sick makes him look deathly ill. This week he's playing Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas so he'll use his gaunt appearance to his advantage, I suppose!

Aidan was accepted into the University of Saskatchewan and is excited/dreading going back to school. He has a sweet schedule courtesy of Lauryn who ensured he had no early morning or late night classes. He definitely found a great girl in her...she's not only beautiful but incredibly clever.

Our day to day just keeps getting easier. There's a lot more laughter in our household these days. The boys are pretty great to live with as they grow into men and while we still all have very messy rooms, we generally get along extremely well and have a lot of good times together. I honestly feel like these are some of the best days with the boys as they mature and grow and yet still have that goofy sense of humour and incredibly unique perspectives on life. They are kind and generous and the best of both Jason and I, which I'm thankful for.

We know that our time in this house is coming to a close as we agreed to sell it in the coming months. It's bittersweet. Moving is something I think we all anticipate and dread in equal portions, depending on the day. We'll still all live together for the next while as Aidan goes to school and Easton figures out what's next, though he does have the travel bug as well...we'll hold space for him always to come home to.  So, as we move forward, we continue to do our best to embrace what comes our way.

I'll leave you with an example of life with the boys and our best efforts...

In the past few weeks, our computer imploded, our washing machine went into a meltdown and the car was squealing for attention for longer than I care to admit.  I tackled what I could and that meant a day with YouTube and the washing machine in pieces across the floor as I fished quarters and nickels out of the drain motor and fixed it. I was pretty proud of myself and I know the boys were mildly impressed, though they feigned otherwise. No more money laundering in our household!  Alas, I couldn't YouTube the computer repair and I knew the issue with the wheel bearings and brakes was beyond my scope so nearly $1700 later, we have a rebuilt computer and a vehicle that once again stops upon pressing the brakes. It's the little things really. But, this morning when the mechanic called to say that the bill was going to be $1100, Aidan overheard my response and I'm sure I didn't sound overly excited. I was sitting at the newly refurbished computer, transferring funds to pay for the vehicle repair and Aidan pops around the corner after throwing in his laundry and announces, "That, people, is a fully functioning washing machine though!"  That's pretty much how things go around here....we get discouraged but we also do our best to remind each other when things go well. It's all we can do really and somehow, today, I found a way to be grateful not only for the fact that I had the funds to pay for these things saved up...which is new for me to have a savings that actually is ready for emergencies like this...and for the fact that I didn't have to add a washing machine repair bill to the list.

Life is good. Even when it's difficult, there's much to be thankful for.